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How to Web gathers top global investors, the hottest startups in Eastern Europe, and best practices for growth, building products, and driving innovation under one roof. This one’s for you — don’t miss it!

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The Experience

Connect with Your Tribe

We support, champion and celebrate the startup culture and there’s no place where you’ll feel more at home than at How to Web. Connect with your tribe and bounce ideas on how to build the world.


Get Inspired from Peers

The Startup Expo showcases the latest stars on the rise. You can interact with your industry peers, see what they are up to and get inspired for your next endeavours.

If you feel like you’re one of these next stars on the rise, give us an email to express your interest for the Startup Expo.

startup expo at how to web 2023

Meet European Mentors & Investors

This is your chance to get hands-on advice from top European mentors & investors, if you take part in our Spotlight program.

investors at how to web conference 2023

Learn from the Best

Who better to learn from than the industry pioneers who have built remarkable products, teams or frameworks?


Bob Moesta, Bruce McCarthy, April Dunford, Sean Ellis, James Mayes are just a few names that have rocked our stage with unique insights for the startup & innovation world.

learn from the best at how to web conference 2023


Spotlight is our early-stage startup competition, and it’s one not to be missed!

With unique opportunities for mentorship, securing your presence in front of investors or competing for the grand investment-prize (880K the latest one), you are guaranteed to have the spotlight on you and your startup for years to come.

Spotlight How to Web 2023


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