Experience for Attendees at How to Web Conference 2023

Where Eastern Europe
gathers to innovate


The Experience


With the dedicated networking app, you can browse through 2,500 like-minded people and set up meetings over a coffee or drinks in the dedicated areas.

networking how to web conference 2023

Inspiration & Learning

There’s a high chance that you’re currently reading a book, using a framework or building a community by the principles of one of our How to Web speakers.

If you want to tap into your utmost inspiration to build better, join industry rockstars at How to Web Conference 2023.

bruce mccarthy at how to web

The Latest Tech

The hottest startups in the Eastern Europe and beyond are bringing their latest discoveries to How to Web Conference 2023.

Witness emerging technology right at the source.

the latest tech at how to web conference 2023

Professional Development

The Q & A stage, 1:1 meetings or simply interacting at the conference are 3 different methods in which you have the opportunity to pick the brains of your favourite #builders.

attendees experience how to web 2023

Team Building

Bringing your team to How to Web can be one of the best ways to strengthen your professional relationship, as you get inspired, have fun, and tap into industry insights together.

team building at how to web

Side Events

How to Web is a state of mind, so you will have a lot to do when the time comes. Masterclasses, community gatherings, or parties are happening all around our conference.

Events on the Web

Chill & Snacks

Build more, chill harder — is going to be our mantra going through this year. There are dedicated areas to get a brain rest with your comrades and bites of your favourite food around.

chill at how to web 2023

Official Party

There’s no innovation without a little celebration — we’re gathering all the How to Web crowd to party, mingle and have all the fun after an intense conference.

party at how to web 2023
Experience for Attendees at How to Web Conference 2023

What our attendees are saying:

❝No one stops talking about it, because it was this good. Truly impressed by the flawless staging of How To Web: content, networking, impeccable logistics & venue, relevant attendees, actionable insights, and the whole ecosystem created. Made me proud and I'm pretty sure that if the rest of Bucharest got to experience it, the whole city would have been as proud.❞

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