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Welcome to How to Web's VIP Area, designed to provide a focused environment for driving innovation. Here, industry visionaries come together to share insights, foster partnerships, and shape the future. Discover the tailored spaces where speakers, execs and investors, gather to engage in meaningful interactions that drive progress.
Available for Exec, Investor, and Speaker Pass.


The Experience

Speaker Area

Amplify Your Impact, Expand Your Network

Tailored for our world-class speakers and participants with an Exec or Investor Pass, the VIP Speaker Area offers a fruitful environment for networking, and meaningful interactions. Here you can have a chat with your favourite expert and solidify your takeaways from the conference. The area is open for speakers, VIP participants, and press.

vip speaker area

Investor Area

Where Capital Meets Opportunity

The Investor Area is a hub of strategic interactions, specifically curated for investors seeking promising ventures. A space empowers investors to host meetings, discussions, and negotiations. It’s the perfect setting for forging connections with startups, fellow investors, or other attendees from the event.

Investor Area
Experience for Attendees at How to Web Conference 2023

What our attendees are saying:

❝No one stops talking about it, because it was this good. Truly impressed by the flawless staging of How To Web: content, networking, impeccable logistics & venue, relevant attendees, actionable insights, and the whole ecosystem created. Made me proud and I'm pretty sure that if the rest of Bucharest got to experience it, the whole city would have been as proud.❞

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