Launch Community Evenings #5 Bucharest

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Club Expirat
September 20

The fifth edition of Launch Community Evenings will take place at Club Expirat on September 20. The event is moderated by Mircea Serediuc (Product Manager, FameUp). Founders from top startups of the Launch community will pitch their products to the public and receive feedback from the evening’s guests. The program also includes a talk moderated

The program also includes a talk moderated by Elena Vrabie (Sales & Senior Content Manager, The Recursive) with guests Cristian Tamaș (TypingDNA) – with insights on an emerging technology company from early to global outreach – and Raluca Panțiru – on building a tech product acquired by giant Google.

Join us & other guests in this local startups scene gathering:

– Daniel Rizea – Director Software Engineering, Fitbit
– Daniel Nanu – Head of Micro Sales, BCR
– Lavinia Cojocaru – Co-founder, UiPath
– Cristian Tamaș – Co-founder & CMO, TypingDNA
– Alex Burghelia – Co-founder,
– Elena Vrabie – Sales & Senior Content Manager, The Recursive
– Mircea Serediuc – Product Manager, FameUp
– Raluca Panțiru – Product Manager, Google

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