Product Manager @ Adobe

Product manager thriving in a dynamic environment, collaborating with multiple geographically dispersed teams within Adobe Analytics' vast enterprise B2B and B2C big data ecosystem, catering to the needs of valued customers.

Within Adobe’s digital experience ecosystem lie numerous opportunities and challenges. As a product manager and informal leader, Alexandru is engaging with teams and customers to achieve product value presents an ever-evolving and gratifying challenge. Moreover, in the enterprise world, where multi-distributed teams collaborate on a single product for diverse locations and cultures, maintaining team focus and satisfying customers becomes even more demanding.

Throughout Alex’s journey, he has encountered a wealth of opportunities and uncovered best practices that have propelled his product, Adobe Customer Journey Analytics, to resounding success, delighting hundreds of customers. By joining him, you can gain invaluable insights on how to keep your teams laser-focused, ignite inspiration through outcome thinking for both teams and stakeholders and comprehend the significance of a product mindset for the entire product team.

Moreover, when it comes to newly established companies, the challenges of forming an efficient product team become even more intricate due to the rapid pace of change and the high level of uncertainty inherent in such ventures.

Together, we can explore the strategies that lead to triumph in this fast-paced and challenging landscape, be it within established corporations or newly formed ventures.

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